Technical Specifications

The ZOOP dive computer from Suunto is a wrist-mounted computer that will not only enhance your time under water; it will also help you be a safer diver without breaking the bank. Its ability to operate in two modes (air and Nitrox), safety features (decompression stop data, audible alarms, and easy-to-read display), and simple menus mean the ZOOP will provide critical dive data when it is needed quickly and accurately. It employs the reduced gradient bubble model (RGBM), which is an algorithm developed to calculate decompression stops; this algorithm is a model used to determine how much gas is accumulated during a dive and how much time is required at your safety stop(s) to safely surface.

Suunto's ZOOP is PC-compatible, so you can easily store your dive data (up to 50 hours) and logs on a PC. It is activated by water, so you don't have to worry about forgetting to start your computer and losing a single dive's valuable data.

Because this computer is wrist mounted, there's never a need to search for your gauge console when you want to check on your depth, maximum bottom time, dive time, and no deco time. All of that information is available at a moment's notice, right on your wrist. In addition, the ZOOP's bright phosphorescent display makes seeing your dive data easy during night and day dives. Whether diving in familiar waters or exploring unknown oceans, safety is essential. The Suunto Zoop is packed with solutions enabling safe and responsible decisions underwater.

The depth, time and decompression measurement assure that you know

  • Precisely how long you have spend in the depths
  • How deep you are
  • When you have to surface and
  • How fast you can do it.

This way you can maximize the diving performance without jeopardizing your safety. The extensive memory functions enable you to keep track of your past dives and through them you can monitor your progress and plan your training accordingly.

Technical Features

  • Log book memory
  • Personal adjustment
  • Suunto RGBM decompression model
  • Safety stop
  • Temperature display
  • Operation mode Nitrox
  • Profile sampling rates 30 secs
  • Dive planner
  • Altitude adjustment
  • Consumed bottom time graph
  • Ascent rate monitor/alarm
  • Ascent time display, up to 99 min
  • Audible alarm
  • Full decompression data
  • Lifetime history memory
  • Maximum depth alarm
  • Maximum depth display 99 meters


  • Operation mode Air
  • Operation mode Nitrox
    • CNS% + OTU calculation (OLF)
    • Max PO2 adjustment 1.2-1.6
    • O2 % setting 21-50%
  • Operating temperature 0°C - +40°C
  • Storage temperature -20°C - +50°C
  • Water resistance - 100 meters
  • Selectable metric/imperial units
  • Menu-based user interface
  • Backlight type - Phosphorescent
  • Battery power indicator
  • Low battery warning
  • User replaceable battery
  • 12/24h Calendar clock
  • Weight 68g
  • PC compatible (sold separately)