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PADI Instructor Add-on Packages

Instructor IDC Prep Course Package

Unless you have recently completed your PADI Divemaster course with TSD, you will probably need to refresh your skills. This course includes:

  • Tuition for the Divemaster exams required for the IE. Unless you completed your DM before 2011, you will likely never have studied this theory or taken these exams so you will need to learn them. We provide free online tutorials to help you with this in advance.
  • Review of in-water demonstration skills
  • Rescue review
  • Knot tying and lift bag workshops

You are tested on these skills during your IE and so you need to be sure you know them very well.

Duration: 2-4 days depending on number or candidates and amount of revision needed.

Price: P10,000, Free with IDC

Longer IDC Prep Packages

If it has been a long time since you have been diving and you feel you need a lot of time in the water, or if you need to build up your number of dives to the 100 required to become an instructor, a longer duration package may suit you. Packages are available from 1-4 weeks, including non-limit diving. If you have other needs before the IDC, we have various options to help you.

PADI Diver Specialty Course Packages

We have several packages to choose from but can also arrange a package to suit your needs.

PADI Specialty instructor Ratings

It is a good idea now you are a PADI Instructor to get some Specialty Instructor Ratings. This will help you enormously in getting a job as many places require that you can also teach certain specialty courses.

TSD's own 'Learn to Teach' Course

This is a unique course developed by Thresher Shark Divers. It was borne out of a need we have seen in newly certified instructors to have some more direction before being thrown in at the deep end in their first dive job. Also known as the MSDT Prep Course, you can combine this with some PADI Specialty instructor ratings if you wish.

The PADI IDC will provide you with the tools to teach PADI courses, but many people find afterwards that they are unsure about how to actually teach a course. We can help you.

After you pass your IE it will take 1-2 weeks for your instructor application to be processed by PADI and you are not allowed to teach during that time. But we know that you are desperate to start! As an already certified Divemaster you are a certified assistant. So during these weeks, you will assist our instructors in teaching their courses. You will have the chance to watch them through every step. They will help you to learn, give you full briefing and debriefing sessions and answer all your questions along the way. You might even get to steal a few of their jokes!

This will be a very different experience from your assists during your Divemaster course. Having been through a PADI IDC and having much more knowledge as an instructor, you will see teaching in a very different way.

After your PADI Instructor certification is processed and you are able to teach, we will allow you to team teach with our instructors. Eventually you will be teaching the courses yourself, but with one of our instructors assisting you. He or she will ensure that everything is done correctly, nothing is missed, and will continue to debrief you after every session if necessary.

We recommend 1 month for this program. During this time you will get some excellent experience and will be able to go on and find work yourself.

Don't confuse this with other MSDT courses you may see available. Most of these, while allowing you to build up your certs, do not mentor you at all, and just use you as free labour. The term "Learn to Teach" and the idea of the program, was developed specifically at TSD for TSD and is not a PADI program available elsewhere.




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